10 Top Tips to Help Make Your Charity Open Day a Success

10 Top Tips to Help Make Your Charity Open Day a Success

  1. Prepare early – try to allow at least 6 weeks prior to the event to promote, organize and sell the sessions to your members.
  2. Decide on the format of the Charity Day and time allocated for each session. Things to consider include: Who is your target audience for each session (juniors, adults, beginners, team players, non-members?) What are your maximum numbers per session? What off-court activities will you be offering?
  3. Plan off-court activities – to maximise revenue try to have as many off-court activities possible, examples include fun games, mini competitions, BBQ’s, selling cakes and drinks on the day or you could also run events before or after your Charity Day. For example Wine Tasting or Quiz evenings or maybe run a doubles tournament the following day/weekend where members can put into practice their newly learnt techniques and tactics?
  4. Advertise & Promote – Use email notifications well in advance to advertise date and any promotions you are running in conjunction with the day. Also display of posters in the clubhouse and email posters to members and put all information up on the club website and make the most of social media (see 5)
  5. Social Media & Press – Make sure you make the most of social media to advertise your Charity Day to the wider community as well as club members. Perhaps you could write a press release and send it to you local paper, local radio or TV station?
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Typical Session breakdowns (max no’s per court)

45 mins – juniors 6-10yrs – basic technique / co-ordination, fun and games (10)

45 mins – juniors 11-16yrs – technique, points based games (6)

60 mins – adults (all standards) approaching the net – technique with some matchplay (6) 

60 mins – adults (intermediate to advanced levels – team players?) doubles tactics (4) 

30 mins – fastest serve competition

60 mins – doubles exhibition (coinciding with BBQ?)

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  1. Encourage Pre-Booking – As much as possible ensure everyone reserves their space and pays prior to the day, so you can plan accordingly.
  2. Attract Non-Members To Your Club – If one of your objectives is to increase your membership, think about running a variety of promotions to entice non-members to sign up on the day. A reduction in membership fees? A free 6 week coaching course? Something that will help encourage your prospective member to sign on the dotted line!
  3. Spread the workload – Encourage a variety of your committee members, volunteers and coaches to take on some responsibility. If everyone does a bit, it really does help.
  4. Ensure you strike a balance between maximum participation and maximum revenue – every club is different so we advise that each club charges a fee that is comparable to what they currently charge for their own coaching programme. As the day is to raise funds for your club, and if the members are fully aware of this, they may pay a little extra premium on top of their normal rates. But that is for you to decide!
  5. And Finally – Enjoy! This is YOUR day. Please feel free to tailor the sessions and activities to your clubs needs

Typical Session breakdowns (max no’s per court)

Suggested Format for the Day

  • 3.5 hours of coaching clinics – encapsulating all ages/abilities (maximum numbers advised per court in brackets)
  • 30 mins fastest serve competition
  • 1 hour doubles exhibition (2 Davis Cup pros together with 2 club pros or club champions etc.)
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