Staying Active in Lockdown

Staying Active in Lockdown

We are all experiencing difficult and challenging times right now as many of us are unable to see family, living with the daily worry and anxiety of how/when things will return to normal, we’ve been striped of access to some of our favourite things like going out, shopping, concerts, socialising and even playing tennis. Although we are aware of the benefits of social distancing and that staying at home is the best way to overcome the current situation, we acknowledge how hard it can be. We do however want to encourage you all to stay active in a safe way that is in line with government advice.

Keeping active, whether it’s a walk or a jog, workouts at home or mastering new trick shots in the garden, are so important to mental health. Although we are having to be more creative in how we keep moving, we believe there are as many positive benefits on mental well-being as there are on physical health.

Here’s a few reminders of just how much of an impact keeping active has on both your mental and physical well-being.

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