Ruen to Rafa – Challenge Complete!

Ruen to Rafa – Challenge Complete!

Today is a big day for Ruen as he heads off to the Rafa Nadal Academy after smashing his 830 mile challenge and reaching his fundraising target. Ruen plays at Wimborne Tennis Club and made it his goal to raise money to join them on their training camp.

For almost a year, Ruen has stayed committed by running, cycling, swimming and walking his way to victory. What started out as a hobby to combat his shyness, Ruen has developed a love for tennis and enjoys playing with his friends and family. His next aim is to play more competitively and a trip to the Academy in Mallorca will be a big step in his journey where he hopes to work on his technical and tactical game alongside other players from Europe.

Ruen has not only raised money for his travel but he has also decided to support our charity too. We are very proud at how fantastic Ruen has been and we can’t wait to hear what it was like playing at one of the most renowned tennis destinations in the world.

Well done to Ruen and a huge thank you to everyone who has shown him encouragement along the way.

If you would like to make any final donations or send Ruen a congratulations message please click here.

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