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We are the world’s No1 supplier of Wimbledon Debenture tickets with over 30 years industry experience. Debenture tickets are widely acknowledged as the best seats available at Wimbledon and they are the only tickets that can be legally sold & transferred. When you purchase a Debenture ticket at Wimbledon the seat is yours for the entire day, afternoon & evening. Our management & support team has a proven pedigree and our reputation stands out at as the leading supplier of Wimbledon Debentures. We are passionate about giving back to the sport of tennis and were delighted when we found Danny and the team at Bright Ideas for Tennis. It is a fantastic cause and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come. For exclusive offers on Debenture seats for every day of the Wimbledon Championships please contact:

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Tennis Court Supplies

Quality equipment and a well maintained tennis club and courts enhance the playing experience and contribute significantly to membership pride, retention and growth.  That’s why Tennis Court Supplies does not compromise on equipment quality.  Our tennis nets are produced to the highest quality standards in Germany. Our net posts are made from rust-free aluminium and use the latest internal winder and crank mechanisms. Our wind breakers are tennis specific in size, material and design.   We also offer comprehensive equipment buying tips on our website. Please visit our online shop to see our full range of products and to place an order.

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Forte Village Resort, Sardinia

Book through Bright Ideas for Tennis to receive discounts and complimentary benefits. To find out more please contact Danny Sapsford for information on the current offers available.


Get 20% off all ranges.

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Clare Appleby - Fundraising Manager

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