Deaf Awareness Week – Inclusive Tennis Drills

Deaf Awareness Week – Inclusive Tennis Drills

It’s deaf awareness week and our YouTube channel is stacked with ideas to do in your sessions that are deaf-friendly for children and young people.

One of our favourite activity is the ‘Cone Game’ – perfect way to get ready for the session and a competitive challenge too!

In this drill, one player will hold up a coloured cone which will correspond to a colured cone on the ground. When a coloured cone is held up the other player must move to the same coloured cone and shadow swing a shot. You can shadow any shot but we’ve chosen a volley for when the player moves forwards, back for a smash and sideways for a groundstroke but you could pretend to hit a drop shot, a slice or any groundstroke for example.

You can start off with two colours and make it more challenging for the player but using several difference colours.

Watch the video here and give it a go!

Read the caption of the videos to see how you can adapt each exercise and make it inclusive for everyone. Enjoy!

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